247 Cid


Catalog Number 247
Type N/A
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Cost N/A
Ability Reduce the cost of a 6★ medal by 1
Gauges N/A
Multiplier N/A

Cid (Japanese: シド Shido) is a rare Support medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Cid, when melded with a 6★ medal, reduces its deck cost by 1. A medal can have its cost reduced a maximum of 20 times.

Five Cid medals can be melded together to create a Cid x5, which will reduce a 6★ medal's cost by 5. Two Cid x5 medals can be melded into a Cid x10, which will reduce a 6★ medal's cost by 10. These 'stack' medals were introduced on March 17, 2016[1] as a space-saving measure.

You can obtain Cid medals through proceeding through the Coliseum, or through certain events. Cid medals can be obtained through the daily special Cid Medal event, where you can obtain three per day. Cid medals can be obtained as a bonus medal in Rare Draws during certain promotions.



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